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Q. How do I get my book published with the Press?
A. First of all, take a look at our publishing program. If your book is relevant to the areas we are currently publishing in follow these guidelines for the submission of book proposals.

Q. How do I submit an article for publication in one of your journals?
A. Contact the journal editor directly. There are links to their websites on each journal’s page in this site.

Q. I’m an instructor considering using one of your books for my students. Can you send me a desk copy?
A. We’d be happy to—please follow these guidelines. As we receive an overwhelming number of requests for free books, we do ask that you supply the required information on department letterhead. Contents, index, and extracts can be downloaded directly for many of our recent titles.

Q. I’m interested in reviewing one of your books. How do I get a review copy?
A. We send out review copies at the time of publication in cooperation with the book’s author. However, we will consider requests from newspapers, radio, tv, and similar media organizations if submitted on media stationery. Please send requests to: Publicity Department, Wayne State University Press, The Leonard N. Simons Building, 4809 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201-1309  •  Fax. 313-577-6131

Q. We want to use material from a WSUP book / journal in a forthcoming publication. Who should we contact for permission to do so?
A. Guidelines are available here.

Q. There’s a book that I know is published by WSUP, but I can’t find it on this website. How do I get a copy?
A. If the book isn’t listed when searching the site, it may be in preparation and not yet announced. You can e-mail us for an indication of publication date. Many older books are now out-of-print and we no longer keep copies in stock. Proquest’s Books On Demand offer one-off printings of some of our out of print titles.

Q. How do I contact the author of a WSUP book?
A. We don’t give out authors’ addresses, but please feel free to write c/o the Press, and we will forward your correspondence.

Q. Does the Press offer electronic texts for use by students with disabilities?
A. If you wish to acquire an electronic copy of a book for a student with a disability, please have your university’s disability services department contact us with the book’s title, author, ISBN, and proof of purchase at WSUPressRights@wayne.edu.

Q. Are there any job vacancies at the Press at the moment?
A. When available, staff positions at the Press are listed on the University’s online hiring page, search by Department H520: University Press. Internships are regularly available for those interested in the world of publishing.

Q. Do you publish the University newspaper?
A. No. That’s The South End.

Q. What if my question isn’t answered above?
A. Feel free to send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to help.