Journals Publishing with WSU Press

Proudly calling Detroit’s diverse Midtown district home since 1941, Wayne State University Press is a modestly sized publisher with big resources. Through its Journals Department, the Press remains a flagship institution for the encouragement and dissemination of quality scholarship. There are twelve journals published each year, under which subjects are scrupulously researched, interpreted, and analyzed in core disciplines such as fairy-tale studies, film and media studies, literature, social sciences, and biological sciences.

Wayne State University Press provides easy access to Digital Commons, a hosted online institutional repository platform used to preserve and showcase scholarly output. In addition, the Press collaborates with online systems for journal archiving, including JSTOR and Project MUSE.

Wayne State University Press offers a multitude of services to our publishing partners as well as a staff of experienced and enthusiastic professionals able to meet the needs of each publication and organization to ensure a strong publishing relationship. We allow our publishing partners to focus solely on the work involved in putting together the highest quality publication possible.


Wayne State University provides:

  • Professional, hands-on copyediting
  • Typesetting, printing, and binding, with an option of print-on-demand
  • Copyright registration for print and/or online formats
  • Electronic publication and administration available through JSTOR, Project Muse, and others
  • Back issue digitization
  • Subscription management services
  • Subsidiary rights management
  • Accounting management
  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Enhanced marketing through various channels
    • Advertising, conference displays, and catalogs
    • Website and social media promotion
    • Tailored advertising for editors’ conferences and events


For more information about publishing a new journal or with an existing journal with the Press, please email:

Julie Warheit
Journals Manager