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Human Biology

The Official Publication of the American Association of Anthropological Genetics

Edited by Ripan S. Malhi and Brian M. Kemp

Subjects: Anthropology, Genetics

Published four times per year
ISSN 0018-7143
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he American Association of Anthropological Genetics

Founded in 1929, Human Biology is an international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on research to increase understanding of human biological variation. Among the topics considered by the journal are anthropological, quantitative, evolutionary, and population genetics and genomics; ancient DNA studies and paleogenomics; demography and genetic epidemiology; and ethical and social implications of human genetic and genomic research.
Human Biology is the official publication of the American Association of Anthropological Genetics (AAAG), an educational and scientific organization founded in 1994. AAAG aims to promote the study of anthropological genetics, as this field is broadly defined, to facilitate communication and cooperation between individuals engaged in this field.

Human Biology Volume 86 Issue 2 (Spring 2014)


Questioning the “Melting Pot”: Analysis of Alu Inserts in Three Population Samples from Uruguay
Pedro C. Hidalgo, Patricia Mut, Elizabeth Ackermann, Gonzalo Figueiro, and Monica Sans

Mitochondrial DNA Variability among Six South American Amerindian Villages from the Pano Linguistic Group
Celso T. Mendes-Junior and Aguinaldo L. Simoes

Phylogeography of E1b1b1b-M81 Haplogroup and Analysis of Its Subclades in Morocco
Ahmed Reguig, Nourdin Harich, Abdelhamid Barakat, and Hassan Rouba

Human Paternal Lineages, Languages, and Environment in the Caucasus
David Tarkhnishvili, Alexander Gavashelishvili, Marine Murtskhvaladze, Mariam Gabelaia, and Gigi Tevzadze

Human Diversity in Jordan: Polymorphic Alu Insertions in General Jordanian and Bedouin Groups
Daniela Zanetti, May Sadiq, Robert Carreras-Torres, Omar Khabour, Almuthanna Alkaraki, Esther Esteban, Marc Via, and Pedro Moral

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Population Genetic Structure of Traditional Populations in the Peruvian Central Andes and Implications for South American Population History
Graciela S. Cabana, Cecil M. Lewis, Jr, Raúl Y. Tito, R. Alan Covey, Angela M. Cáceres, Augusto F. De La Cruz, Diana Durand, Genevieve Housman, Brannon I. Hulsey, Gian Carlo Iannacone, Paul W. López, Rolando Martínez, Ángel Medina, Olimpio Ortega Dávila, Karla Paloma Osorio Pinto, Susan I. Polo Santillán, Percy Rojas Domínguez, Meagan Rubel, Heather F. Smith, Silvia E. Smith, Verónica Rubín de Celis, Beatriz Lizárraga, and Anne C. Stone

HLA Class II Alleles in the Otomi Population of the Mezquital Valley: A Genetic Approach to the History of Interethnic Migrations in the Mexican Central Plateau
Ana Itzel Juárez-Martín, Blanca Zoila González-Sobrino, Ángel Eduardo Camarena Olvera, and Ramcés Falfán-Valencia

A Homogenizing Process of Selection has Maintained an “Ultra-slow” Acetylation NAT2 Variant in Humans: NAT2*6 as a target of homogenizing selection
B. Patillon, P. Luisi P, E. S. Poloni, S. Boukouvala, P. Darlu, E. Genin, and A. Sabbagh

A Mitochondrial Haplogroup is Associated with Decreased Longevity in a Historic New World Population
Loredana Castri, Donata Luiselli, Davide Pettener, Mauricio Melendez-Obando, Ramón Villegas-Palma, Ramiro Barrantes, and Lorena Madrigal

Geographic Distribution And Adaptive Significance Of Genomic Structural Variants: An Anthropological Genetics Perspective
Muthukrishnan Eaaswarkhanth, Pavlos Pavlidis, and Omer Gokcumen

How Much DNA is Lost? Measuring DNA Loss of STR Length Fragments Targeted by the PowerPlex 16® System Using the Qiagen MinElute Purification Kit
Brian M. Kemp, Misa Winters, Cara Monroe, and Jodi Lynn Barta

Estimation of Inbreeding and Substructure Levels in African-Derived Brazilian Quilombo Populations
Renan B. Lemes, Kelly Nunes, Diogo Meyer, Regina Célia Mingroni-Netto, and Paulo A. Otto

Genetic analysis of 17 Y-STRs in a Mestizo population from the Central Valley of Mexico
Carla Santana, Gino Noris, Marco Antonio Meraz-Ríos, Jonathan J. Magaña, Emma S. Calderon-Aranda, Leonor C. Acosta-Saavedra, Maria de Lourdes Muñoz, and Rocio Gómez

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Published 4 times per year
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85.6: From Generation to Generation: The Genetics of Jewish Populations
85.1-3: Revisiting the "Negrito" Hypothesis

84.5: In Memoriam: Robert R. Sokal (1926–2012)

83.2: Integrating Genetic and Cultural Evolutionary Approaches to Language

82.5-6: Origins of the Populations of the Aleutian Islands

81.5-6: Honor of the 80th Anniversary of Human Biology: The Gabriel W. Lasker Award Winners, 19922008
81.2-3: Demography and Cultural Macroevolution