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Human Biology

The International Journal of Population Genetics and Anthropology

Edited by Ripan S. Malhi and Brian M. Kemp

Subjects: Anthropology, Genetics

Published six times per year
ISSN 0018-7143
E-ISSN 1534-6617

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Founded in 1929, Human Biology is an international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on research to increase understanding of human biological variation. Among the topics considered by the journal are anthropological, quantitative, evolutionary, and population genetics and genomics; ancient DNA studies and paleogenomics; demography and genetic epidemiology; and ethical and social implications of human genetic and genomic research.
Human Biology is the official publication of the American Association of Anthropological Genetics (AAAG), an educational and scientific organization founded in 1994. AAAG aims to promote the study of anthropological genetics, as this field is broadly defined, to facilitate communication and cooperation between individuals engaged in this field.
Human Biology Volume 85 Number 6 (December 2013)

Special Issue: From Generation to Generation: The Genetics of Jewish Populations
Edited by Noah A. Rosenberg and Steven P. Weitzman

Introduction: From Generation to Generation: The Genetics of Jewish Populations
Noah A. Rosenberg and Steven P. Weitzman

Genetics and the History of the Samaritans: Y-Chromosomal Microsatellites and Genetic Affinity between Samaritans and Cohanim
Peter J. Oefner, Georg Hölzl, Peidong Shen, Isaac Shpirer, Dov Gefel, Tal
Lavi, Eilon Woolf, Jonathan Cohen, Cengiz Cinnioglu, Peter A. Underhill,
Noah A. Rosenberg, Jochen Hochrein, Julie M. Granka, Jossi Hillel, and
Marcus W. Feldman

No Evidence from Genome-wide Data of a Khazar Origin for the Ashkenazi Jews
Doron M. Behar, Mait Metspalu, Yael Baran, Naama M. Kopelman, Bayazit
Yunusbayev, Ariella Gladstein, Shay Tzur, Hovhannes Sahakyan, Ardeshir
Bahmanimehr, Levon Yepiskoposyan, Kristiina Tambets, Elza K.
Khusnutdinova, Alena Kushniarevich, Oleg Balanovsky, Elena Balanovsky,
Lejla Kovacevic, Damir Marjanovic, Evelin Mihailov, Anastasia Kouvatsi,
Costas Triantaphyllidis, Roy J. King, Ornella Semino, Antonio Torroni,
Michael F. Hammer, Ene Metspalu, Karl Skorecki, Saharon Rosset, Eran
Halperin, Richard Villems, and Noah A. Rosenberg

Jewish Genetic Origins in the Context of Past Historical and Anthropological Inquiries
John M. Efron

Who Are the Jews? New Formulations of an Age-Old Question
Susan Martha Kahn

Letter to the Editor 
Genetics and the Archaeology of Ancient Israel
Aaron J. Brody and Roy J. King

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American Association of Anthropological Genetics

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85.6: From Generation to Generation: The Genetics of Jewish Populations
85.1-3: Revisiting the "Negrito" Hypothesis

84.5: In Memoriam: Robert R. Sokal (1926–2012)

83.2: Integrating Genetic and Cultural Evolutionary Approaches to Language

82.5-6: Origins of the Populations of the Aleutian Islands

81.5-6: Honor of the 80th Anniversary of Human Biology: The Gabriel W. Lasker Award Winners, 19922008
81.2-3: Demography and Cultural Macroevolution